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Advancing science that targets significant near term health and wellness applications.


bas research


BAS is a medical cannabis manufacturing and research group, developing advanced science-driven medical cannabis products. BAS also delivers leading edge quality and safety testing services.

The CannaRoyalty Relationship
CannaRoyalty has a secured convertible loan outstanding with BAS.
CannaRoyalty has also concluded a strategic partnership agreement with BAS, assuring the ability to tailor product to CannaRoyalty’s specific needs.

Bodhi Research

Toronto, Canada

Bodhi Research is conducting a research trial into the use of cannabis in the treatment of concussion and post-concussive syndrome, under the direction of Dr. Neilank Jha, Neurosurgeon, Editor in Chief of Current Research: Concussion, and Chair of The Konkussion Retreat.

The CannaRoyalty Relationship
CannaRoyalty has made a strategic seed capital investment in return for an equity position in Bodhi Research with an option to increase its equity stake.


Science and facilities targeting health and wellness applications.

Consumer Brands

Quality consumer brands in recreation, wellness, cosmetics and animal health.

Devices and Intellectual Property

Intellectual property, advanced processing and industry-scale production technology.

Strategic Investments

Expert management and strategic positioning across diverse U.S. cannabis industry sectors.