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Stephen Schroeder

Cannabis Cultivation and Extraction Specialist

Stephen Schroeder

Cannabis cultivation and extraction expert

Mr. Schroeder is a cannabis cultivation and extraction specialist who has consulted with researchers and businesses worldwide. He launched his first legal medical marijuana project in 2001, growing specialized strains for patients in Canada. His growing skills and symptom-targeting varieties soon gained world-wide renown in the cannabis research community. Stephen foresaw the future role of extractions in cannabis medications, conducting studies that have made him a front-runner in defining production and processing protocols for high quality extract yields. Today Mr. Schroeder is known as the “expert’s expert” consulting with leading cannabis scientists, cultivators and extraction professionals in countries around the world including Spain, Columbia, France, USA and Canada. Mr. Schroeder is uniquely skilled in evaluating cannabis crops and products for potential CannaRoyalty investment.

  • A cultivation and extraction expert with skills sought by researchers worldwide
  • Launched his first legal grow project in 2001, producing unique specialty strains for a medical cannabis patients
  • Invited to consult with scientific teams worldwide visiting research facilities in Spain, Columbia, France, USA and Canada.
  • One of the world’s foremost experts in producing quality extractions
  • Unique depth of experience to assist evaluation of prospective cannabis businesses