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Travis Priddy

Cannabis Entrepreneur, Industry Visionary

Travis Priddy

Cannabis Entrepreneur

Industry Visionary

Mr. Priddy is the founder of GreenRock Botanicals –a cannabis vape pen and cartridge maker. Travis Priddy is also founder of DreamCatcher Labs – a company developing industrial scale manufacturing technology for the cannabis industry.  Mr. Priddy is an effective business builder with extensive experience in consumer product sales and distribution, gained  while managing international business for Philip Morris International.  He has lived all over the world and has a network of outstanding national distributors in offshore markets. Mr. Priddy launched GreenRock in 2015, to create a Made-In-USA cannabis extract vape system, geared to the strict requirements and unique opportunities of the US cannabis market. In 2016 he launched DreamCatcher Labs, with a focus on production machinery and processes including equipment to produce high-volume cannabis extract cartridges.

  • Manager, International Market Development, Philip Morris International, building sales and distribution networks in diverse international markets
  • Launched first e-cigarette vape company – Rock Vapor in 2014
  • Established GreenRock Botanicals in 2015 to design and produce a high quality cannabis vape pen and extract cartridge system
  • Founded DreamCatcher Labs in 2016 to develop advanced industrial-scale equipment for filling cannabis extract cartridg